The Best Metals To Scrap For Cash

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Granted, there will be times that you need some extra money but you’re too lazy to do anything tiresome. Well, then you should just look for scrap metal around your place. It can be copper, steel, iron, brass, or aluminum, it’ doesn’t matter which. Oh wait, it does, actually. There are different prices for each metal and you might want to take note of this list. Take a look at how much is each scrap metal worth.


Copper has always been and still the favorite metal for scrappers. Anywhere you go, they’ll prefer copper over anything else. And that’s why you should start looking for it after you finish reading this article. But of course, higher reward means lower chances. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find it in your home.You can still get it from a handful of items inside your house. It can be found in old appliances or plumbing pipes. Another thing to remember is that scrap yards are not the only place you sell these. There are also car wrecking Adelaide yards that can give you the same, if not more, money that you usually get.


Actually, there are different types of aluminum so sort it out because each type has different value for scrappers. It’s already a given that one of the best sources of aluminum are aluminum cans. They are easy to collect and they are abundant so you can get your collecting to the max level because there’s no end to it. Another thing to remember is that the pull tabs on the aluminum is worth more cash than the can itself. I know what you’re thinking, the can is literally trash and it’s reasonable that the pull tab is worth more. But pull tab is worth more than can-pull tab. So keep that in mind before handing out all the aluminum cans.


This is a common problem with when getting cash for scrap metal. Bronze is often mistaken for brass which is very problematic, considering that brass is nothing compared to bronze, since bronze is 90% copper. This is also one of the problems with scrappers. They often mistake your bronze for brass and pay you less. So make sure you clean the bronze before handing it out to the scrappers.

Stainless steel

Next up is the stainless steel. As you already know, ferrous metals do not get attracted to magnet so you know what that means, right? If you see something that has a “stainless steel” stamp into it, you don’t have to believe what it says. If you can stick a magnet into that “stainless steel”, then don’t hand them over to the scrap yard. They won’t pay you for it. Regardless, stainless steel is still a very common material. And you know what they say about less effort, it means lower reward. But it’s still easy money so just get on with it.