Importance Of Panel Beating And Dent Repairing

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If you have a pressing need to keep miles off a very important vehicle, long distance towing is an option. The need of the hour may be for you to get to the destination before your vehicle gets there. In such situations, you will feel that using the services of an effective towing firm is not always an emergency option.

If you sustain damages to your car in some accident or collision, a panel beating expert can come to the rescue. These professionals will assess the damages, take out the wrecked panels and parts and then go about the repairing process using hydraulic, mechanical and metalworking equipment. Other than carrying out these functional repairs, these beaters undertake extensive services to give your vehicle a facelift.


Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal or PDR is one of the best available techniques for repairing dents and similar damages to a car’s body surface. Presently, it has become the method of choice for many smash repairs and panel beating professionals.PDR works by massaging the dented metal surface back to its original shape so that the car’s surface can reassume its original flawless finish. The process has its advantages over more traditional methods as it is comparatively more cost efficient and requires less effort on part of a panel beater Heathcote as it leaves the existing paint undisturbed. This is because in this technique, the metal does not need to be forced and thrust back into position. Instead, it is gently moved back into place.There are several checks that these experts carry out to see if PDR is an appropriate choice for repairing the damage that your car has sustained. These include examining the positioning of the dent, its size and depth.

This means that a dent can be fixed if it is quite shallow with very little scratches and sharp edges. Also, the size of the dent should favorably be the size of a hand or so. The location of the dent will finally play a key role in that access to the dent is a deciding factor. Traditional panel beating techniques usually hammer a dent out of the damaged area. But for PDR, it is not required to detach the affected body part from the rest of the car. This means reduced repair time. Also, there is no chance of hammer strikes damaging the paint finish.

The technique will depend on which part of the car has the dent and accessibility to that part. In general, dents on vertical panels are easier to repair than those found on horizontal panels. Also, damages incurred on the edges of panels and on body lines need more careful work and time than other dents.

There are a few things which you might keep in mind while choosing a service

  • You should get a detailed quote which includes both labor costs and the cost of parts
  • You should not base your final choice solely on price, but lay stress on quality
  • You should check if it provides any guarantee on the completed repair work
  • You should have a clear idea of the turnaround time