Careful When You Tip!

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There are many kinds of trucks, but the ones you can usually see at construction sites and the like are usually the dump trucks, also known as tipper trucks. These trucks can be the source of many unfortunate events – ranging from tipping accidents to backing accidents. Not to add, until regulations were changed recently, most of them were also built in a way that made collisions with these trucks particularly deadly. Accordingly, among the many trailers for sale from Brisbane, the one trailer you must learn to be most careful with is definitely the tipper truck. Here are some tips to take to heart when operating these tippers:

Make sure the ground is level at all times – the number one rule you have to respect at all times when unloading from a tipper trailer is to make sure that the ground is flat. An uneven ground is the main reason why your truck can turn over when tipping. The reason is quite simple – an uneven ground leads to the truck’s centre of gravity moving away from the centre (where it should be). Accordingly, when you lift the trailer in such conditions, the balance of the truck can be upset and the truck will turn over. Never attempt to unload in uneven ground – always try to look for the flattest terrain possible.

Check the surroundings – before unloading the cargo, there is one more thing you need to ascertain yourself of after finding stable terrain. You need to make sure the surroundings do not have any potential obstacles. The main – and deadliest of these – are electrical wires (and if you are unloading late in the evening, or at night, take extreme care to make sure they are not present). Check the surroundings for any obstacle the trailer may hit or get entangled in when being lifted.

Do not overload the truck – another precaution you must take with tipper trucks is to make sure that you do not go over the prescribed weight limit for the truck. There is a reason why a specific maximum weight is mentioned – any more and the hydraulic system that lifts the trailer will be unable to function properly (in the worst case, you will break it, and you surely do not want to end up with costly repairs!).

Make sure the truck is in good condition – another point you need to remember (which actually applies to all vehicles) is ensuring that your truck is in good condition prior to loading the cargo. The first thing you need to check is the tyres – they must be properly inflated. If they are deflated, you risk running into another tipping accident (because once again, the centre of gravity will shift). Check the windshield – make sure it is clean – and the lights as well.