Are You A Student Moving Interstate? How Do You Take Care Of Those Important Things?

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So, that time has finally arrived, it is time for you to move to that university interstate as it has exactly the course you want to do, gaining admission is wonderful and a dream come true! Now how do you go about preparing for your move so that things will go smoothly without any hassle?

Get packing!

The first obvious thing to do of course is to start packing, but before you do that you might want to get yourself organised. List all the things you will need to take with you and decide on your mode of transport. For example, if you will be getting a ride by car and you can take some of your things, you won’t be able to fit your bike into the car, for example, so look into some bike transport options. There are companies you can find online or you can ask friends for recommendations. Next, you will need to decide whether you want to discard any of your things you don’t want to leave at home for example? Then. pack your things into boxes or suitcases as you think fit according to how you can fit them all into your dad’s car.

Plan your accommodation

Make arrangements for accommodation early as living places around the university are likely to get full closer to the start date. Go online or ask any friends or family who live interstate whether they can help you to find accommodation. Decide according to your budget what kind of accommodation you want, living on campus or sharing a house with other students for example. If you have any friends who will also be studying at the same uni, it will be great to share a house with them, if not, try to find people who have similar interests and you will be able to get on with easily.

Get ready to move!

Check your list again and see whether you have done all the things you planned to do, like bike transport in Australia. Make sure you have not forgotten to buy things that you will absolutely need as soon as you arrive. Once everything has been packed carefully, especially any breakable items. loading the car to fit everything in is the ultimate challenge! Check to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything like your soap and your toothbrush that you just finished using. Once you are all loaded and ready to go, you are well on your way to the start of an exciting journey ahead of you!

Moving in to a new place

When you arrive in your new accommodation, you may be tempted to put off unpacking for another day, but it will help you if you unpack and get organised with all the things you will need for a comfortable start. You may find that you still need to buy clothes hangers or other things you may need, getting those done immediately will help you have the great start you want to have.